Why do we celebrate Easter with chocolate eggs?

Just as the Christmas memories are fading we find ourselves thinking about Easter and when we think of Easter these days most of us immediately think of chocolate and eggs!

But why?  How did it all start and why an egg and why chocolate??

Well, the egg part is pretty easy, eggs represent new life and fertility and long before Christianity took the symbol the egg was used in many ancient cultures spring festivals and was believed to ward off evil.

In Medieval Europe eggs were forbidden during Lent so any eggs laid during that time were boiled or preserved.  Once Easter arrived these eggs were then the main food and were prized as gifts.

So now the chocolate part!

In the 17th Century artificial eggs became popular as presents or gifts.  It was only a matter of time before chocolate was used to create an Easter egg and the first chocolate Easter eggs were born (or hatched!).

The first eggs were solid but by the 19th Century the modern hollow Easter egg was created but it wasn’t until the 1960’s that these chocolate eggs became popular worldwide.

Since then we have invented various ways of filling and presenting these eggs and at uPhotogifts we love to create beautiful gifts that can be treasured and are also practical, useful keepsakes,

our personalised Easter photo mugs tick all these boxes…

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Happy Easter from all at uPhotogifts!