Offers FAQ’s

My Promotional Code(s) is not working?

If you are using a promotional code with your order, please ensure correct book type is chosen to match the promotional code. Be sure to enter the details carefully. Click redeem to achieve the discount. Orders using promotional codes are restricted to 1 copy. If more copies are required see below. *Please note that there can be some confusion between 1’s and I’s and 0’s and O’s please check this.*

Have you got a voucher that you would like extending?

We have a brand new service where you can extend your voucher codes for one month at a special price, click here for more info.

Can I extend my Travelzoo Vouchers using the voucher extensions page on the uPhotogifts website?

You can extend your voucher codes using our service.

Can I extend an already expired voucher?

The good thing about our new voucher extension page is that no matter how old a code is you can re validate it for one month at a special price.

How can I redeem my voucher code?

You can redeem your voucher code once your product has been finished on our ‘Payment’ checkout 3rd page in the ‘Voucher Code’ box with the redeem button next to it.

What offers are we currently doing?

You can check out our latest offers here, this is updated monthly so be sure to keep up to date with this page.