Product Creation FAQ’s

What is the Maximum or Minimum number of photos per page?

There are no limits on the amount of photos you can have per page. We do have a minimum of 20 pages and 120 pages maximum.

Can I add additional pages?

Yes, to add more pages to a project, either right click and then click add page, or in the tab called pages at the top of the screen, you can also add additional pages. The cost for extra pages is 30p per page for standard plus £1.00 per page for exclusive.

Can I add / change the running order of my Photobook?

Yes, in the tab called ‘Page’ there is a ‘Rearrange Pages’ option, which will allow you to change the running order of the book. Inside the software you will only be able to alter spreads not single pages these would need to be copied and pasted onto the relevant page.

What can I do about image resolution warning messages?

‘When I go to order my project, I see resolution warning messages in the flight check.’ This message warns of images that are below the ideal recommended print resolution. The threshold for this warning message is 150 dpi. It is possible to continue on and ignore the warning; however the affected images may lack sharpness, or produce a pixelated result when printed. You may want to use a picture from a camera phone, Facebook or a scan of an old picture where the resolution may not be very high. By all means include them in your project, however we are not in a position to guarantee the results. Our software works on triangle warning symbols. Amber triangles are in place to alert you of items that may need altering but it is possible to continue with your order. The red triangles will have to be altered and will not let you continue to order.

How do I Upgrade or Downgrade my photobook?

If you would like to upgrade there are a few points in the software where it will prompt you to do so.

There will be an icon in the software where you can Upgrade or Downgrade the paper style of your book. Select the below image and continue with your desired finish:

upgrade downgrade

Please note you cannot change the product orientation as the templates wont allow this.

I have text wrapping box-warning messages?

If you have a text wrapping box error message on the system, you would need to go to the page where the error is and then extend the borders of the text box until the message disappears.

There is also a chance that you have multiple text boxes on the page that you cannot see. You may need to click on the orange circle end then delete the text box.

Are there any guides within the software?

We do have a wizard and an assistant in the downloadable software that will help you create a product. Unfortunately in the online software there is not. We will be very happy to help you with the creation of your products. We are always trying to improve our software and your experience, new tips and videos will be available very soon. We are also running a new blog so please check this out on our website.

I downloaded the software and when I go to select my product, the page is blank?

Please ensure that you have run all updates if the options are blank.

I don’t have time to design my product, what can I do?

We have a brand new service where we can design the product for you at a very competitive price, click here for more info.

What is the difference between Standard & Layflat photobooks?

Our standard paper is our most popular paper option. Printed on 170 gsm silk paper, the simple and effective page styles really showcase the quality of this amazing paper really enhancing your photos.

Want to give your book that little something extra? Try upgrading to our 216GSM silk layflat paper. This added extra ensures the pages lay perfectly flat, allowing double page spreads to be viewed without losing any of the image in the spine.

I‘ve gone into my account, on the online software, and can’t see anywhere to start a new project?

When starting a new online project please return to the product pages and simply select create online to start a new one. If you want to amend an existing project then please access your account and select online projects.