Software FAQ’s

How do I install the software and get started

Click on the Download tab on the website. When on the Software page choose currency, then choose the PC or Mac version to download. You are prompted to Run or Save the installation program. Click the run button if you wish to download and install the program in one step, or click the save button if you prefer to save the setup file to your hard disc for installation later.

Once the downloading process is completed successfully, you may be prompted to install the software. Click “Yes” to start the installation, or locate the installation file, and double click it if you have saved it to your hard drive first.

Mac users should double click the file called uphotogiftsdesigner.dmg. Then just follow the instructions provided by the installation program to complete. The installation software will prompt you to specify a file path for your installation folder. Do not modify this unless you feel it is necessary and are sure you will remember where you placed the installed files!

Once downloaded and installed, open the software that should be on your desktop. The icon will look like the ‘U’ in our logo. Once the software has opened, click on the ‘create new project’ button and select your product. You will then have the opportunity to select your pictures by clicking the green plus button; you can do this by folder or individual photo. Name your project. You will then go through to the creator; this works by dragging and dropping your pictures. Start with page styles, then pictures and finally backgrounds if you wish. Once the product is finished you can then click the green shopping cart button and follow the instructions though to the payment screen. Once the order is finished the files will upload automatically, it is then safe to close the software.

Unable to extract the content from the downloaded zip file

We recommend using our online creator, which you can find by clicking “Design Online” from the products page.

If you would not like to use the online creator and you’re still having problems with the zip file, please contact us. We will then forward you the unzipped version of the software.

What requirements should my computer have to run the software?

Minimum Requirements Include:

Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, 32 bit or 64 bit OS. The software is compatible with older hardware, but runs more efficiently with at least 2GB of RAM and multi-core processors. Mac users need an Intel chip based machine running OS10.5 or later with 2GB of RAM and sufficient disc space. Tablet devices and mobile applications running Android and IOS currently not supported.

Is the software compatible with tablets or mobile devices?

Unfortunately our software is not currently compatible, but it is coming soon.

Having trouble installing the software on MAC computers?

This is a common problem with Macs. However, you can change the settings in the security options. You do this by clicking on the apple, then open your system preferences, click on the security settings and there should be a setting in the general tab to download apps from anywhere rather than the app store.

What resolution do my photographs need to be?

200 dpi minimum, but we would recommend 300 dpi.

What file formats do the products from uPhotogifts software support?

The following file formats are compatible with the Products For uPhotogifts software: .jpeg, .jpg, .png and .tiff. Other file formats can be converted (prior to use) into one of the above formats. This can be done using image-editing software such as Photoshop, Paint or other image editing software. The pictures can be RGB, sRGB, CMYK, greyscale or black and white.

I have an error message ‘Cannot connect to FTP server’?

There seems to be some error with the file transfer. It may be your security settings affecting the connection to our system. You can try switching these off and trying the upload again, or you can follow the below steps.

The best thing we can do is to take the files and try to upload them for you. Here’s how to do this:

  • Take all the photos used inside the software and place in one folder.
  • Compress this folder by right clicking; send to, compressed zip folder.
  • Then open your documents folder and locate the uPhotogifts Designer Projects.prj folder
  • Compress this folder by, right clicking; send to, compressed zip folder.
  • Now you have two compressed files, go to:
  • Upload the two compressed files and send to

My project is saying there are missing photos?

If you uploaded your photos by memory stick or CD and the file storage is removed, the link will be broken. The files need to be saved onto a folder on your computer.

This is easy to fix. If you reopen the project, you will be prompted to find the pictures. Click this button, and select one picture, update by re-linking the photo, repeat if necessary.

Having trouble with connecting to the server?

Here are our port details to allow connection to our server:

IP Address:

FTP Port: 21

Web Port: 80

Remote Connection: 3389

Are there any guides within the software?

We do have a wizard and an assistant in the downloadable software that will help you create a product. Unfortunately, this is not available on the online software. We are currently in the process of making ‘How to Guides’ for the software, so keep an eye out! In the meantime, please go to our Blog page to see our top tips when designing your product.