Photobooks for Weddings

If you, or anyone you know, is planning a Wedding then one of the things that will feature near the top of the list along with choosing a dress and booking a venue will be organising a photographer and a Wedding album.

One of the most important days in a couple’s life together is their Wedding Day and the importance of preserving those treasured memories should not be underestimated.

The actual day itself will probably pass in a blur and an album is what you will look back at time and time again.  Photo albums can be brought out on anniversaries to flick nostalgically through the pages, you will show them to your children and, in time, they will show their children.

There’s no substitute for printed photos..

Although computers and iPads definitely have their place, looking at your photos on a screen is just not the same as turning the pages of your Wedding album.  Looking at the images on a computer or iPad is just not the same.

All that said, Wedding albums can be prohibitively expensive….

That’s where uPhotogifts can help,

Once the dust has settled after the big day, a uPhotogifts Wedding Photobook can be created at your leisure, all you need is the images your photographer has taken (they usually put them on a disc for you).  These can also be mixed with any snaps your friends may have taken or even any funny selfies you may have found time for, resulting in a truly personal creation that can be treasured forever.

Follow our quick guide below to create a fun, unique Wedding Photobook…

  • a really fun idea is to put a cheap disposable camera on each table at your reception, as the night progresses these photos are hilarious and at the end of the night you can collect the cameras up, print the photos and scan the best ones to add to your photobook.
  • the uPhotogifts software has predesigned wedding themes you can choose with lots of different layout templates.  You can also personalise with guest’s names, dates and a title on the cover
  • to give your photobook those professional touches choose lay flat paper and add a gift box or slip case

  • remember, you can always ask one of our designers to create your album for you.  Design prices start at £25.00 making the total cost of your project far less than a photographer (and much more fun!)