Mother’s Day

As we are getting closer to Mother’s Day on March 26th a couple of quotes and sayings spring instantly to mind which remind us of all the special women in our lives.  Whether it is your Mum, Grandmother or perhaps your partner, the mother of your children

‘All that I am, or hope to be, I owe to my angel mother’  Abraham Lincoln

Never a truer word spoken!

We all owe so much to our mothers – they nurture us, guide us, educate us, inspire us and most of all love us unconditionally.

A mother’s work is never done – this one rings particularly true as well and thanks to Mothering Sunday we can all show our Mums how much we really appreciate them.  There are lots of things we can do to show them how special they are but just for fun here are 3 things we thought Mums all around the world would love to receive…

(inspired by the Mums in the uPhotogifts team!)

1 An extra hour every day!! How amazing would this be??  An extra hour to do all those little jobs – or even just to grab an extra hours sleep.

2A laundry fairy – who would collect all the dirty clothes, whisk them into the washing machine, pop it all in the dryer, iron, fold and return everything to the correct drawers and cupboards …… Magical

3 An extra pair of hands – wished for by all mums, no explanation required.

Unfortunately we can’t help with any of the above (if you know anyone who can please put us in touch) but we can suggest some super unique gifts to create using precious family photos to make a gift that will be a lasting token of your cherished memories.

Head over to our special Mother’s Day Inspiration page for lots of ideas on how to turn those special memories into special photo gifts.

Watch out for our next blog…

‘Top tips to create the perfect photo book for your Mum’

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